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At Ashby we promote and live by the following behaviours through our school values represented by ‘T.E.R.R.I’.

Thinking - We think about our learning and use our thinking skills to remember, understand, apply, analyse, evaluate and create to learn new knowledge, and build on current knowledge.

Enjoyment -  It is important that when we are at school we feel safe, work collaboratively and enjoy what we are doing. We do this by having a student voice and sharing our thinking. 

Reflection - It is important that as learners we are always reflecting on our learning. We need to know what it is we need to learn, and what to do when we have learnt new knowledge.       

Resilience - We always strive to excel and do our best in all that we do. We work hard to be the best learners and individuals we can be, even when thing do not always go as we planned.

Inclusion - We make sure that we make all members of the Ashby community feel welcome, included, and safe. We do this by being respectful, accepting, and courteous.

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At Ashby, we pride ourselves on developing our students in all areas. This includes their social and emotional skills. Each week, students extend their skills and knowledge through our Bounce Back program. The program focuses on the following units, building upon previous learning each year:


Core values and Social Values: These units focus on developing pro-social values including values related to ethical and intercultural understanding.

People Bouncing Back: This unit focuses on developing self-management strategies for coping and bouncing back. 

Courage: This unit focuses on strategies to find and act with courage in both everyday life and difficult circumstances.

Looking on the Bright Side: This unit focuses on teaching optimistic thinking, positive tracking, being appreciative and expressing gratitude. 

Emotions: This unit focuses on strategies for developing & boosting positive emotions and managing negative emotions. 

Relationships: This unit focuses on explicitly teaching social skills for building relationships and maintaining friendships.

Humour: This unit focuses on the use of humour as a coping skill. 

Being Safe: This unit focuses on strategies and skills for creating a safe class and school environment and discouraging and managing bullying incidents. 

Success: This unit focuses on skills and attitudes for identifying & applying character and ability strengths, setting goals, planning, persevering (grit & the development of a growth mindset), overcoming mistakes and obstacles and being successful in achieving personal and learning goals.

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