Everything you wanted to know about Ashby School Banking

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)




Here are Ashby’s School Banking FAQs!


Here are answers to some questions commonly asked of Ashby’s School Banking Coordinators - 


What is a School Banking Coordinator?

The School Banking Coordinators are the people who volunteer to run the School Banking program on behalf of Ashby. Members of Friends of Ashby have registered as School Banking Coordinators and have been running the program since 2013.


How do I join School Banking?

To join School Banking you need a Commonwealth Bank Youthsaver account. Just bring your bankbook to school on our School Banking Day - MONDAY. Make sure your name and account number are filled out on the inside cover or your bankbook and on your deposit slip. The School Banking Coordinators will assign your Student Number when you make your first deposit.


How do I get a Youthsaver account?

Visit this link to find the options available for opening an account, or visit your nearest Commonwealth Bank branch - https://www.commbank.com.au/personal/kids/school-banking.html


How do I fill out my bankbook?

At a minimum, you need to fill out the following fields - 

On the slip: Name, Student number, Date, Total.

On the stub (the bit that stays in the book): the ‘Add this Deposit’ field. This needs to match the amount that you have put in ‘Total’ on the deposit slip.


If these are not filled in correctly the School Banking Coordinators may not be able to process your deposit. The other fields may be filled out if you wish.


How much do I need to deposit?

The minimum deposit is 5 cents. There is no maximum.


How do I get a reward?

For each deposit you make through School Banking, you receive a token. Once you have received 10 tokens you may exchange these for a reward. You need to let the School Banking Coordinators know which reward you would like by filling out a reward card and handing it in with your bankbook.


I’ve asked for a reward. WHERE IS IT?!

Rewards are not handed out on the day that they are requested, as much as it would be nice if they were! The reward items are not stored at school. They are ordered online as part of the School Banking process on the School Banking Day. Rewards can take 2 weeks to arrive at school, so please be patient.


What is my bank balance?

The School Banking Coordinators do not have access to this information - please go in to a branch to find out your balance.


HELP! I’ve lost my bankbook and all my tokens!!! What do I do??

The School Banking Coordinators have spare bankbooks and tokens and can replace these for you. 


I’m up to the last page of my bankbook. How do I get a new one?

The School Banking Coordinators have a supply of bankbooks and will put a new one in the class satchel for you when you need it.


Do you *really* love 5 cent pieces?

The School Banking Coordinators are happy to process any amount that you choose to deposit. However, 5 cent pieces are small and shiny and have echidnas on them - how could we not love them!


For more information go to https://www.commbank.com.au/personal/kids/school-banking.html