Ashby Primary School is aware of the importance of influencing children to adopt positive, long-term attitudes towards Physical activity. We offer a comprehensive course that allows children to participate at their own level of competency, facilitating progression to the highest level possible for those children gifted in this area. Every grade level participates in a 60 minute Physical Education lesson each week involving fitness, ball handling, gymnastics, athletics, swimming, Jump Rope for Fitness and minor and major games throughout the year.  Preps participate in the Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) which involves the children developing their fine and gross motor skills.


Grades 3, 4, 5 and 6 children also participate in a one hour Sport Session involving learning the skills of Athletics and rules of major games.  In Grade 5 and 6 they compete against other schools in our district in interschool sport in football, netball, basketball, soccer, tee ball, Kanga cricket and volleystars. 


New to Ashby in 2014, students are placed into a "School House".  The Houses represent local neighbouring streets to the school and hope to foster broarder school friendships and team bonding.  The House groups are used in a variey of forums including educative, sport and art.


Pakington - Blue            Shannon - Green           Waratah - Red           Lawson - Yellow

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