Mathematics at Ashby Primary School looks to provide a variety of opportunities for students to build number sense and links to everyday numeracy applications. Students will engage with a range of mathematical experiences to enable connections to be made to the real world and make links from abstract learning to familiar experiences.


We want students to become fluent users of the language of mathematics as a way of thinking, analysing and solving problems. Mathematical understanding of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, Statistics and Probability are developed through exploration and activities that are concrete and realistic. Students will be provided with a variety of strategies to problem solve and develop reliable and efficient mathematical thinking.


Students are supported through online tools including Mathletics to consolidate learning within and beyond the classroom. Teachers use a variety of tasks to foster engagement and enjoyment of maths, including open-ended tasks and differentiated activities. Students are supported within classrooms with a variety of hands on, concrete materials including dice, cards and number charts.

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