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Mathematics at Ashby Primary School looks to provide a variety of opportunities for students to build number sense, fluency and proficiency in their mathematical capabilities and understandings and to apply their skills to make sense of the world around them. Throughout the year, students engage with a wide range of mathematics concepts involving Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. Students become fluent users of the language of mathematics as a way of thinking, analysing, and solving problems.


Teachers are skilled at collecting student assessment data, which drives the planning of engaging and authentic learning opportunities. A typical mathematics lesson starts with warm up games and activities that switch our maths brains on, ready to learn. Clear learning goals are communicated with the class (or small group) and indications of success at different levels are shared so students know what they are working towards. Teachers then explicitly demonstrate a strategy that can be applied to solve problems related to the concept. During these demonstrations, teachers make learning visible using concrete materials, diagrams, and examples from real life. Ample opportunities are then given to students to explore, engage and test out the strategies for themselves. During this time, students are provided with an activity with multiple entries to cater for the different abilities in each class. Their learning is supported using hands-on materials such as dice, cards, number charts, counters, measuring tools, etc. and online tools, such as Mathletics and Essential Assessment, supplement our programs. Each lesson ends with students evaluating their success and setting goals for their next mathematics lessons.


The outcome of our programs are students who use mathematical and numeracy skills for everyday life, see connections and apply mathematical concepts, skills and processes in other curriculum areas and contexts and, most of all, appreciate a love of solving problems, no matter how many times they must rework the problem.

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