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Ashby Primary School is a State Government Funded School. We are subject to various policies of the Victorian State Government and our own School Council.  Please find a collection of information below that can assist you and your children be best prepared for a great school year.

Starting at Ashby

Prep orientation runs for 4 weeks before the preceding prep year. Students are asked to attend for a couple of hours one day per week to familiarise themselves with teachers and the school environment before embarking on their first year.


What Your Child Will Need To Bring On The First Day Of School

*  School bag that they can manage     


*  Lunch box and drink bottle (not a   

    glass or can).  Water is preferred.

*  Library bag (Getting started bag)

*  Take home book bag

*  Art smock

*  Hat

*  All school supplies collected prior to school starting


All items including uniforms and lunch boxes should be clearly named.


Tips for starting school: 

The Victorian Government provides useful information for parents. 

*  Discuss any fears about school before the first day.

*  Be positive and loving. Be reassuring.

*  Do all you can to make your child happy and confident about entering the school world.

*  Show your support by encouraging your child to openly discuss his or her feelings about school with you and by meeting with the teacher to work out any problems.



The school encourages the wearing of a school uniform. The School colours are Gold and Navy. 


Hats are compulsory for all students in Term 1 and Term 4, to engage in outdoor activities/play. Hats must be wide brimmed, or bucket style and clearly named.


Orders can be placed at the Bellarine Uniforms store which is located in Moorabool Street, Geelong.

Telephone: 03 5221 9199

Fax: 03 5221 5789



Ashby Primary School Council has endorsed the following recommended uniform list linked below.


Second Hand Uniforms

The Friends of Ashby parents group, operates a second hand uniform stall throughout the school year.  Orders are welcome and best efforts made to provide clothes when they become available. Donations are always welcome.

Contact Friends of Ashby or the School Office




Children eat their lunch under teacher supervision in their classroom from

1.25 pm - 1.40 pm.

Please ensure that your child can independently manage their own lunch equipment and wrapping. (e.g.: If a child has an orange it is easier if it is peeled, or cut into wedges at home and wrapped up.)

During the morning children have a healthy snack in their classroom as part of the brain food program.  Children need to have a suitable snack of fruit or vegetable and a drink (water) at this time.


Talk to your child about their lunch - what foods are for snack and what foods are for lunchtime.  It may help to wrap/pack them separately at first.


The Friends of Ashby provide fruit and vegetables through "Fresh Fruit Friday" each week (except first and last week of each term).  It is Ashby Primary School Council Policy to encourage healthy and diverse eating experiences.  Helpers are always welcome in the classroom kitchen to prepare and distribute fruit.

Lunch Orders

Lunch orders are available from local cafe Iberia and can be ordered the night before through the Spriggy Schools App

Please view Iberia Cafes latest menu here.

We welcome all enquiries you may have in relation to APS.


The best way to experience the APS difference is to book a tour.


Applications to enrol at APS can be submitted at any time.



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